11 February 2013

Meegons wallpapers for your N9

MeeGons are very known within the MeeGo community. The simple, funny, colorful characters were created by the former British design company airside on behalf of MeeGo (trademark of Linux Foundation). Since Nokia distanced itself from the open-source MeeGo project, those cartoons never were officially associated with Nokia's MeeGo Harmattan.

Even though the Linux Foundation cancelled MeeGo in favour of Tizen, Meegons survived as a symbol for many things related to MeeGo, including Nokia's MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan system running on N9. On enquiry I created three simply N9 wallpapers which I don't want to hold back. Download them here (.zip file).

Characters are from the MeeGo Project - http://meego.com